10 Ways to Retain Top Talent

How to retain top talent

A survey from CareerBuilder states that 35 percent of employers plan to hire in the remaining months of 2011, up from 28 percent in 2010. A recent Staffing Industry Analyst survey also reported a 10% increase in orders from staffing agencies specializing in direct hire.

When businesses are looking to hire new workers, they recruit from the currently employed talent pool in addition to the unemployed inventory. As a current employer, it’s important that you retain your all-star employees instead of motivating them to pursue other opportunities. Here are some tips on how to keep your best performers:

  1. Give them independence
  2. Don’t burn them out
  3. Provide growth opportunities
  4. Take their suggestions
  5. Have regular discussions to gauge happiness
  6. Assign challenging work
  7. Give high praises and rewards when deserved
  8. Implement employee engagement initiatives
  9. Guide them with performance feedback
  10. Provide incentives for accomplishing goals

Happy and dedicated employees will not only remain loyal to your organization, but will improve productivity, efficiency and company morale.