Free Checklist: The 20 Red Flags of Employee Behavior

Red Flags of Employee Behavior

Increasing productivity is a top goal for employers this year, but that can only happen with a winning workforce. As companies look to become more competitive, it has become more apparent that everyone needs to be a top performer, or an “A player.”

All of your employees are going to have natural strengths and weaknesses. However, some employees are more receptive and willing to overcome those weaknesses and work towards improvement. Through training, coaching or mentoring, you can work to develop their skills and address challenges.

Unfortunately, there are certain “deal-breakers” when it comes to your workforce. These aren’t just weaknesses – these are fundamental flaws which are holding your team back. Overall, these “deal-breakers” have to do with an employee’s lack of:

  • Drive and ambition to get better
  • Enthusiasm about the company
  • Passion for the job
  • Integrity and moral character
  • Creativity
  • Follow-through skills
  • Sufficient intelligence for the position

Your company’s productivity depends on the effectiveness of your team. If someone isn’t making the cut, it’s time for a workforce change.

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