2013 Workforce Questionnaire

The only way you can achieve your business objectives in 2013 is to have the right staff to get you there. After identifying your top business goals for 2013, assess your current workforce by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Can my staff addressing demand while still providing high quality work?

  2. Does my staff have the ability to manage more projects if there was an increased spike in demand? What about on an ongoing basis?

  3. Do I have the talent and manpower to implement initiatives and handle projects that will help my company grow?

  4. Would my staff benefit from training that would increase their skills?

  5. Is my current staff creating the culture I want for my company?

  6. Who are my under-achievers? Does anybody need to be replaced?

  7. Is anyone on my team expected or scheduled to retire?

  8. Who are my best performers? What is my plan if they go on vacation, get sick or unexpectedly resign?

  9. How have my company’s needs evolved? Have my positions evolved to address those needs?

  10. How long does it take to onboard and train a new employee in each department?

Answering these questions will provide you with some input regarding your staffing needs for next year. The next step is to set a plan for how you will recruit and qualify new additions to your team. If you would like help with your recruitment efforts or need to place a job order, fill out the form to your right!