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Employer Advice: How to Take Your Company “Back to School”!

Posted on Thu, Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:15 AM

Since September is in full-swing and everyone has gone “Back to School”take your company back to school for a fresh start with new learning opportunities, you should consider taking your company “Back to School” as well. There are many benefits that can improve employee production, motivation and satisfaction. It also helps to assist with meeting company goals and better determine company strengths and weaknesses to identify areas of improvement.

The year is more than halfway over, but it is still possible to jump-start a new outlook for your company before the start of next year! By taking the following steps, you can take your staff “Back to School” this September:

  • Bring coaching sessions into the workplace: Even if you are the most inspirational leader in the workplace and always make it a point to coach your employees to do their best, sometimes it’s good to bring in an outside coach for improvement. They can help train your team to be better team players and learn different ways to work more efficiently. These professionals are trained to help motivate your staff, assist with changes that need to be made and solve internal issues between employees.
  • Keep everyone on the right track by evaluating employee roles: Employees are given set job descriptions and duties when they are first hired and these roles usually evolve over time. Because of this, employees can easily lose sight of their daily goals, so try to periodically set your expectations and voice them. This will keep everyone moving in the right direction and will also help you determine project reassignments or possible shifts in responsibility.
  • Strengthen your employees’ skill sets: Try to periodically meet with employees to discuss and analyze the progress they have made since they’ve joined your company. Determine their strengths and weaknesses and suggest that they attend workshops or training sessions for improvement. This will not only strengthen their knowledge and professional skills but will allow them to develop more self-worth in the workplace because they will feel that they are being invested in.
  • Put your staffing needs into check: Do you think your employees may have hit their tipping point? If a lot of business has come in during the past year or there may be a need to top-grade your staff, it may be a good time to determine if your employees are experiencing work overload or are just not performing up-to-par. Any of these issues can be resolved by hiring a staffing firm that can provide options that will help  build your team or help your staff more efficiently and quickly complete projects.
  • Compare previously-set company goals for the year vs. progress that has actually been made: Even though there are only 3 months left of the year, it’s not too late to meet company goals that were set for 2013! Think back to the beginning of the year and compare actual company progress that has been made versus initial expectations to determine if your company has been successful thus far. This will help you determine if a new strategy needs to be put into place or if you must reposition company roles.

If you decide to take your company “Back to School” this fall and decide that it’s time to add new talent to your staff, The Daniel Group can provide you with staffing solutions for success. Click the button below to receive more information about our staffing options (contract, contract-to-direct, direct hire and executive search) and a representative will get back to you shortly!

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