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Searching for All-Star Players: 8 Characteristics to Look For

Posted on Thu, Mar 27, 2014 @ 07:07 AM

In a recovering economy, companies must stay competitive by staffing their organization with the best and brightest talent. These all-stars, or “A” players, are necessary for a workforce to be able to strike out the competition. Employers understand that the more “A” players they have, the more productive and successful their business will be. However, finding and hiring “A” players is not an easy task. Hiring Top Talent

The value of an employee cannot be determined until after they have spent some time on the job, but there are specific indicators to look for during the interview that can help determine if a candidate is a potential “A” player.

Look out for these eight characteristics that your typical “A” player will demonstrate:

1)     1) Communication skills: We communicate in everything we do, so it’s imperative that your employees can clearly articulate their thoughts whether it’s through speaking, writing, reading or listening.

2)      2) Customer service skills: While interviewing candidates, look for a certain professionalism and a strong understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction. It’s not easy to acquire or keep a customer happy, but a talented employee will help you do both. Remember… your business is no business without your customers!

3)      3) Integrity: Trust is important for any relationship, whether it’s a personal or business connection. You can’t hover over your employees and keep tabs on them 24/7, so you must trust that they will be able to make the right decision, because every decision they make during the work day will directly impact your business. Can you trust that they will know how to best handle a critical client situation?

4)      4)Positive outlook: An employee that keeps a positive attitude will keep you wanting to go to work every day. A good attitude will promote a positive work environment, company culture and motivate others to do and be their absolute best.

5)      5) Enthusiasm:  If an employee is enthusiastic about their position, they will strive to excel in their position to meet or exceed goals. They will go above and beyond to ensure that your company is successful and keeping ahead of the competition.

6)      6) Initiative: An employee that has the desire to learn more will continuously initiate success for your company. An “A” player can identify what needs to be done, how it will get done and then they do it.

7)      7) Intelligence: A candidate that demonstrates that they proactively seek out and adapt to new technology and industry trends will keep your company competitive. 

8)      8) Flexibility: Employees that are able to adapt to change and easily wear many hats on the job are irreplaceable. Look for candidates that have a work history that includes many different responsibilities—chances are that they can handle it all.   

Finding your next workforce all-star can be easy if you have access to sufficient hiring resources. If your business is in need of another “A” player and your company keeps striking out, The Daniel Group staffing can help. We have an extensive candidate pool of “A” players that can thrive in any industry and the experience to identify and fulfill your company needs. Click below to learn more about our staffing services.


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