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7 Ways to Reel in Talent With Your Employer Brand

Posted on Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 09:08 AM

Chances are that you’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of a strong and powerful employer brand. Yes—your employer brand—not how your customers perceive you, but how your potential employees do. With ever-increasing competition in our job market, it has never been more important to convey a winning employer brand when attracting top talent to work for your organization.employer branding

Take a look at Fortune’s most recent report of the best companies to work for in 2014. All of these companies have something in common; they effectively communicate what they have to offer to the best and brightest candidates. From offering unique perks and incentives like charity donations for employee volunteer time or free incentive vacations, these companies know how to brand themselves to reel in talent.

You don’t need a huge budget for an effective employer branding strategy. Here are seven ways to build your employer brand to position your organization as a desirable and rewarding place to work:

1) Educate your recruiters on your brand —It’s imperative that your recruiters are accurately communicating your brand to its full potential. Since they are the most engaged with your candidates, be sure to train your recruiters on the employer brand goals you’re trying to reach.

2) Make sure your company is active on social media — With the power of social media, you can show off your culture and position your company as a thriving place to work. Candidates have access to seek out all the information they’re looking for to get a glimpse into what your company is about, as well as your successes, who works for you and much more.  

3) Be flexible — Employees are now looking for increased flexibility with the time they spend on the job. Is telecommuting an option once a week to help employees with demanding deadlines? A busy office setting can be distracting and periodic work-from-home days can do more good than bad.  In moderation, of course.

4) Improve the interviewing process — Aim for a more personalized interview experience. A good way to learn if your candidates will fit into your company culture is to introduce them to current key players in your organization. If they can hit it off with them, they’ll most likely hit it off on the job. Also, remember that group interviews can take away from the candidate experience.

5) Improve employee retention — If a candidate has heard about high turnover rates in your company, they may get a bitter taste in their mouth when considering a job at your company. Reducing employee turnover will not only help your employer brand image; it will also save you money and keep up employee morale, creating a more positive work environment. Click here to read our article about retaining top talent.

6) Improve communication with candidates — While it’s understandable that not every candidate will be a good fit for your organization, letting them know your hiring decision after an interview—whatever it may be—will show that you respect their time and effort. If you advise that they should not follow up after an interview, be sure that your team stays in contact as planned.

7) Offer unique employment perks — Many other companies in your industry most likely offer similar employee perks like vacation days and health benefits, but if your company gets creative with incentives, it will stand out above competitors and will be positioned as a more desirable place to work. Unique perks like fitness memberships and summer Fridays are becoming more important to top talent in the job market.   

A large part of building your employer brand is staffing your company with those who fit into your company culture. These employees will not only have the right skills to get the job done, but they will also fit into your organization well. If those are the kind of employees that you’re looking for, then The Daniel Group can help. We offer the right staffing solutions for various industries all around the country and have an extensive candidate pool available to provide you with the best culture and skill fit for your organization. To learn more about the unique benefits we present as a staffing firm, click below!


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