Thursday, Mar 27, 2014
In a recovering economy, companies must stay competitive by staffing their organization with the best and brightest talent. These all-stars, or “A” players, are necessary for a workforce to be able to strike out the competition. Employers understand...Read More
Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014
We’re well into the first quarter of the New Year, and there’s a good chance that your company has brought in at least one new hire. Of course, you have high expectations and uncertainty when bringing in any new employee. Like any hiring manager,...Read More

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Today’s businesses face a myriad of staffing challenges that can tax valuable internal resources, detracting time and management attention from core activities.

  • Talented professionals are in high demand.
  • Costly recruitment ads attract mountains of low-quality resumes.
  • Qualified candidates may be screened out by keyword resume filters.
  • Lack of market information can lead to unsuccessful salary negotiations.
  • Remote locations nationwide complicate the hiring process.
  • The inability to hire the right people in a timely manner slows production.

At The Daniel Group, we deliver expert staffing solutions that help drive your success.

We forge long-term partnerships with our clients, both locally and nationally, create custom solutions and ensure your satisfaction with our industry-leading one-year replacement guarantee.

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