The Statistics on Employee Vacations and Productivity

Encouraging employees to take vacations is a key way to keep them healthy and energized. Vacations allow professionals to focus on relaxation and their personal lives. When discussing time-off with your workforce, strongly emphasize the need for vacations. Here are some statistics to consider:

  • On-the-job stress is the top reason for employee dissatisfaction in the American workforce; 35% report that “the source of this stress is their job interfering with their family or personal time” according to a recent Gallop survey.
  • A CCH Human Resources Management study demonstrated that more than 50% of employees feel more “rested, rejuvenated and reconnected to their personal life” and that nearly 40% of workers “feel more productive and better about their job” when returning from vacation.
  • The same study reported that nearly 20% of workers have canceled or postponed a vacation because of their job.
  • reported a 200% improvement in productivity when allowing unlimited vacation time for employees; HubSpot has been ranked the #2 fastest growing software company on the Inc. 500 since allowing an unlimited vacation time policy.
  • Right Management found that 66% of employees don’t use all of their paid vacation days.

Keeping productivity levels high while your employees are on vacation is important. For more information on The Daniel Group’s workforce management solutions, click here to submit a job order or call your local office today!