FAQ - The Daniel Group

Do you have a general mailbox for resumes, or do I need to apply for a specific job?

If you'd like to be considered for employment but do not see a current job posting that matches your skills and experiences, you may submit your resume directly.

How does The Daniel Group work?

The Daniel Group works with client companies to help them fill their open positions on a temporary/contract or full-time basis. For example, let's say a warehouse needs to hire 50 people for the holiday season. They turn to us for help. The Daniel Group provides the staffing our client company needs, and it pays us a fee. In this case, you're an employee of The Daniel Group assigned to our client company. Assuming you do a great job, some client companies may want to hire you permanently, at which point you'd no longer work for The Daniel Group. Contract employment can give you a "foot-in-the-door." Although you may not initially get all the perks of full-time employment, contract work gives you a chance to impress the right people and open doors to a great career. Also, you have the opportunity to learn about your prospective employer and decide if it’s the right fit.

Where do I start?

The first step is to send in your resume. If you are interested in more than one position, you do not need to send in more than one resume. Just let us know, in the cover letter, what jobs are of interest to you. We will look at your skills and experience to see if you are a good fit for any of our current vacancies.

I’ve sent in my resume. Now what happens?

Your resume or application is in the hands of our recruiters where it will receive careful review. If we believe we will be able to place you with one of our employers, we will call you to arrange an interview time at our office. This process typically takes about a week from the time we receive your resume or application. If you do not get a call, we do not have an available fit for you at that time. Feel free to apply again or send in an updated resume in the future. In what size companies do you place people?

Our clients vary in size, from just a few people to thousands of employees. At the time of your interview, a consultant will discuss any preferences you might have in regards to the type and size of companies where you’d like to work.