Five Steps to Maximize the Productivity of Your Contract Workforce

Multitasking productive executive womanLast year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that businesses employed 15,500 contingent workers per month. Employers use contract workers because they offer flexibility, prevent employee burnout and help complete projects. As our economy recovers, organizations will continue to rely on contract workers. For this reason, it is critical to maximize the productivity of your contingent workforce. Here are five important steps to take:

1. Treat the staffing agency as a partner: It is common for many companies to employ contract workers through staffing agencies. Make sure the agency clearly understands your company culture, values and goals from the get-go. If possible, bring the service representative from your staffing vendor onsite to tour your work environment and meet key managers. Introduce them to employees that are a “culture fit.”

2. Set clear performance expectations: Treat every contract position as you would a full-time, career position. When developing a job description, be specific about the skills required for the job and your expectations.

3. Provide an organized on-boarding program for all contract workers: The productivity of all employees is improved when they understand how the company works, who key players are and what is expected from them.

4. Manage contract worker performance: Track each contract worker’s job performance and provide regular feedback. If a contract worker is not performing at the level expected and you’re working with a staffing agency, communicate this with your staffing partner and when appropriate, ask to have the employee replaced.

5. Prepare your staff: Foster a positive work environment by explaining to your staff where and why contract workers are being used. Open communication is the best way to encourage cooperation. Ensure that your staff views the use of contract workers as a necessary and important part of your company’s staffing strategy.

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