Prevent Turnover:
The Four Signs of Employee Burnout

Signs of employee burnoutWith demand increasing but resources stretched thin, chances are you’ve asked your staff to manage more projects. An overworked staff can lead to employee burnout which can hurt productivity and lead to turnover. Here are four warning signs that your staff needs additional help:

Lower Quality of Work -- If the quality of your staff’s work has gone down, your employees may have too much on their plate. If your team doesn’t have the time and energy to give their full attention to each of their projects, it can impact your products or services… and ultimately profit.

Overtime -- The work ends when the job is done, not at 5pm. However, if you notice that your team is becoming exhausted from working late every night, or if you’re spending more money on overtime hours, you might be running the risk of burning out your players.

Absenteeism — Increases in absences may mean your team is feeling sick from the stress of being overworked. Sporadic disappearances may even mean your team members are interviewing for other positions. Remember, a healthy staff is a productive staff.

Morale — If the energetic, happy guy at the company becomes grouchy and snappy all the time, there’s a problem. An engaged and cheerful team works together and boosts productivity. It’s important that your workforce’s morale is in high-drive.

If you’re experiencing any of these warning signals, it’s time to bring in some extra help. Whether you need contract workers to help lessen the workload or a new executive to change the direction of your company, click here to place a job order.