Studies Report One-Third Of Workers Looking For New Positions

While employers are looking to march through the recovery with their current staff, their employees are looking for next opportunities. Over one-third of the workforce is searching for new jobs according to two recent surveys. A Mercer LLC study shows that 32% of employees are “seriously considering leaving their jobs” while a CareerBuilder survey states that 31% of professionals are “likely to look for another position”.

Local employment expert Jarrod Daniel, CEO of The Daniel Group, reports this alarming figure is attributed to employee burnout.

“Employers have asked their staff to handle more responsibilities as resources remain thin,” says Daniel. “Employees are feeling underappreciated and overworked.”

Daniel offers employers five signals of employee burnout:

  1. Overtime – If you notice that you’re spending more money on overtime, your staff may be working too many hours. You might be running the risk of wearing out your team.
  2. Lower Quality of Work – Look to see if the quality of your staff’s work has declined. If your employees have too many projects at hand, they may not have time and energy to give their full attention to each project.
  3. Absenteeism – Check your employee records. If you notice an increase in absences, your staff may be feeling sick from the stress of being overworked. Sporadic disappearances may mean your team members are interviewing for other positions or just need relief.
  4. Turnover – If employee turnover increases, you may be working your team too hard. While it’s typical that some employees will leave from time to time, a revolving door is a problem. The resources invested in recruiting and training new employees can be better invested elsewhere.
  5. Attitude – A happy team that works together boosts productivity. It’s important that your workforce’s morale is in high-drive. A good attitude is necessary for success.

“Employers should implement employee engagement initiatives during this critical recovery phase,” adds Daniel. “Committed and passionate employees positively impact productivity.”

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