Texas Mutual Insurance Company's 2010 Annual Report: Promoting Workplace Safety

Texas Annual Report ScreenshotPlease Note: This story is featured in Texas Mutual Insurance Company's 2010 Annual Report. Click here to download the full report. Released April 4, 2011

Imagine a huge pit in the middle of an empty field.  There are no warning signs, fences or guardrails around it.  By itself, the pit is a hazard.  Add people to the mix, and you have a full-blown exposure.

By learning to recognize hazards and exposures, Jarrod Daniel transformed his company’s safety record, reduced his workers’ compensation costs, and earned dividends from Texas Mutual.

Jarrod is chief executive officer of The Daniel Group, a Houston-based staffing agency launched by him and his father Bill.  Jarrod and Bill have a combined 30 years of experience providing permanent and temporary staffing, human resources and payroll services.  In 1998, Jarrod took the company out of its comfort zone.  

“I was young and aggressive, and I thought we should get into the light-industrial field,” said Jarrod.  “We started providing labor for warehouses, assembly lines and construction sites.  We quickly found out we didn’t know what the heck we were doing.”

Back strains, cuts, eye injuries, and slips, trips and falls are common in the light-industrial environment.  Jarrod assumed his clients were teaching employees about the hazards.  His safety record indicated otherwise.

“I know sales, not safety,” said Jarrod.  “We had to get a handle on our losses, or we could have found ourselves out of business.”

Texas Mutual placed The Daniel Group in its Start program.  The program is for businesses with poor loss histories, inadequate safety programs or uncontrolled catastrophic exposures.  We also assigned a Texas Mutual safety professional, Jane Houser, to work with Jarrod.

Jane has been promoting workplace safety at Texas Mutual for 17 years.  Her first priority was to change Jarrod’s safety paradigm.

 “Jarrod was still operating as if he were placing people in relatively safe office jobs,” said Jane.  “He needed to recognize the hazards of this new industry, think about what his employees would be exposed to, and ask clients what they were doing to control those exposures.”

Jane created a safety plan for The Daniel Group that included regularly scheduled safety meetings and walk-throughs of new clients’ facilities.

Jarrod was initially skeptical.  After all, he had built one of Houston’s top 10 staffing firms without all this attention to safety.

“Jane was persistent,” laughed Jarrod.  “She walked me through the plan until I got it through my head, and she stayed on me.  If we had a safety meeting, she wanted the attendance sheet.  If we had a facility inspection, she wanted to be included.  She had confidence in what she was putting in place.”

With Jane’s help, The Daniel Group emerged from the Start program with a new commitment to safety.  The company’s reputation has even attracted new customers.

“People want to do business with companies that work safely,” said Jarrod.

“Jarrod admits that dividends and increased sales are nice, but they are not the primary reason he works with Jane to continuously improve his safety program.

“It gives me peace of mind to know that our employees are doing the things they need to do to protect themselves,” said Jarrod.  “I think it’s safe to say we are back in our comfort zone.”

The numbers:
•    Made 10,000 workplace safety visits
•    Offered 2,000 online safety resources, 560 available in Spanish
•    Hosted 14 workers’ compensation workshops
•    Recognized 180 employers for their commitment to safety

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