The Daniel Group Hits 72,000 Job Placement Milestone on “Road to a Million”

HOUSTON, TX – The Daniel Group, a Houston based executive search and human resources firm, announced that they placed their 72,000th professional in a position this month on their “Road to a Million”. Jarrod Daniel, CEO of The Daniel Group, established the goal of helping one million individuals find work before he retires.

“It’s all about our company’s vision to me,” says Daniel. “If our main priority is to simply service the communities within the markets we serve, everything else will fall into place.”

The CEO received the clarity of his vision when he heard a story by Minister Jesse Duplantis while attending a relative’s Sunday church service. Duplantis preached that he wanted to save a million souls before his work was done, motivating Daniel to create an actual marker for the number of people he wanted to help.

Daniel believes that the goal transforms the way his company conducts business. He states that the organization’s outlook switched from an emphasis on the profit per placement to a focus on community service. Daniel says that this mentality helps his team remember that the industry is all about helping people find jobs while also building a profitable firm.

Daniel states that 2010 was the group’s most successful year to date, despite the economic recession. He says that the company made twice as many placements than any other year since the business was founded in 1994. The placements were made in numerous industries including the Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Technical and Administrative fields. Daniel attributes the increase in placements to the shift in his vision.

“This journey is the foundation of our organization,” adds Daniel. “We look forward to continuing our mission and remain committed to helping a million people.”

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