One Million People... One Million Futures.

Your company’s vision is important. Having a defined purpose and setting specific goals steers your business in the right direction. As a CEO or manager, you’re constantly thinking about the necessary steps you have to take to reach your goals. While it’s great that you keep your focus on the company’s vision, it’s also critical that all of your team members have a clear understanding of your company’s purpose.

For example, my vision for The Daniel Group is to help one million individuals find work before I retire. I established this goal when I heard a story by Minister Jesse Duplantis while attending a relative’s Sunday church service. Duplantis preached that he wanted to save a million souls before his work was done; motivating me to create an actual marker for the number of people I wanted to help. I figured that if our top priority was to simply help the communities within the markets we serve, everything else would fall into place.

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