Staffing Strategy Guide

Your profitability is only as good as your team– your team is only as good as your employment strategy. Our Staffing Strategy Guide gives you the important questions you need to assess your current workforce and develop a stronger employment plan.

  • What departments are working at full capacity right now? Are my employees experiencing “burn-out” right now?
  • What is my plan for increased spikes in business? When are my busiest seasons of the year?
  • Who are my company’s A players? What is my plan if an A player goes on vacation, has an emergency or unexpectedly resigns?
  • Who on my team is negatively impacting team morale or underperforming? What departments are lacking in productivity and leadership?
  • What departments could benefit from temporary or contract employees?
  • What departments could benefit from new leadership?
  • How long does it typically take to train new employees?
  • What skills are most difficult to find in candidates?
  • What is my company culture?

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