Your Holiday Season Demands: The Advantages of Using Contract Workers

In the final months of the year, it’s a common practice for organizations to hire contract and temporary employees to meet holiday demands. In addition to meeting your seasonal requirements, there are numerous benefits of using contract and temporary workers:

  • Flexibility – While demand has temporarily increased, you may not to be ready to make long-term personnel decisions. Contract and temporary workers allow you address seasonal spikes in your business without making lasting hiring commitments.

  • Burnout Prevention – Contract and temporary workers are enthusiastic to work and want to prove themselves for possible future openings. This eases the workload of your current staff; boosting energy, improving team morale and increasing productivity. This also reduces the high expenses of overtime costs.

  • Hidden Costs Reduction – Between recruiting, payrolling, administrative costs, unemployment claims and benefits spending, there are many hidden costs associated with hiring and compensating employees. When you use a staffing firm to enlist contract and temporary help, these expenses are the responsibilities of the staffing agency.

  • Identifying “A Players”– If your workload increases into the new year, you have the option of bringing on your contract or temporary workers full time. You will have identified who is an “A player” and the selected professionals will already be trained and familiar with your company’s processes and culture.

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