The Characteristics of Successful Key Company Employees

characteristics of successful employees

Look around your office and think about the different roles of each person in your company. There are reasons that there is a need for each specific role, and most likely, the person filling each of these have unique qualities and skills that landed them in that position. These different traits and talents make it possible to help determine just exactly who is a good fit for each position in your company.

Typically, there are four specific positions that are vital to company success: an administrator, an accounts receivable clerk, a sales and marketing professional, and a customer service representative. These roles ensure smooth operation of the office and require top talent to move the company down the road of success. Are you confident that your staff members are the perfect fit for these important roles? These ideal characteristics and skills should help you evaluate the key positions in your company:

  • Administrator — In any company, the administrative professional provides a sense of direction for the staff to ensure every employee is on the same page. There are many responsibilities required for this position, and daily tasks require a well-rounded, focused individual. Finding the right fit for this vital position is important because it demands heavy organizational, multi-tasking and planning skills. The person that fills this position should always be planning for the next step, taking initiative in any given situation and know how to work well with all departments of staff.

  • Accounts Receivable Clerk — When a career requires primarily working with numbers, it is necessary that a detail-oriented individual with strong mathematical skills should be in place, The accounts receivable clerk must have a keen eye for accuracy because this person handles all company transactions and invoices. He or she must be able to actively monitor customer accounts and resolve any payment issues in a timely manner. This position also requires intelligent problem solving and deadline management skills to be sure that all customer and company bills are paid on time.

  • Sales / Marketing — Company profits are directly impacted by the sales or marketing professional, in turn, making these both crucial positions in any company. The best salespeople have necessary personality traits and skills that drive top levels of growth. Some attributes that sales teams should always possess are undivided optimistic and enthusiastic attitudes. They should be passionate about their profession, be persistent and set aggressive sales goals. A salesperson should always be proactive and willing to go above and beyond for their clients.

  • Customer Service — It is necessary to have a well-communicated professional on board to handle customer service. Client retention is critical to profit, so it’s crucial for customers to have a positive experience with your company. Having problem solving skills and being able to effectively determine customer needs are mandatory for the customer service representative. Another major component of this position is the employee’s ability to be a good listener as well as staying thorough and pleasant throughout all customer service practices.

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