The Top Employer Challenges in Texas

A recent survey from CareerBuilder gauged the top employment concerns of employers. Companies relayed the following challenges:

  • 68% are concerned about retaining employees
  • 54% believe recruiting talented employees will be difficult
  • 42% are anxious because the direction of their business has changed
  • 35% have increased demand but less staff
  • 19% noted a gap in talent from retiring employees and leaders

This survey demonstrates that employers will need a comprehensive hiring strategy in 2013 that addresses multiple issues. Employers will have to simultaneously tackle higher demand while investing resources into recruiting new talent. In a recovering economy, recruiting “A players” is difficult – between active job seekers and the large number of passive candidates, it’s hard to find the best fit for your organization.

How do your challenges match up with these results?

If you’re trying to manage an increase in productivity, you may want to consider utilizing contract or contract-to-direct workers. If you’re in the majority of employers who are concerned with the difficulty and costs of recruiting top talent, you may require direct-hire placement services or executive search services.

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